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The Business of Fun family is an ever-growing network of the most successful people working in action sports, music, and art today. Every person in the family has their own stories to share and wisdom to impart and are excited about the opportunity to help people find their paths.

We’ve brought world class profession athletes, magazine editors and photo editors, marketing managers, company owners, product engineers and designers, agency account managers, writers, photographers, cinematographers, freelancers, company devotees, graphic designers, etc. etc… some of the biggest names and the biggest brands in action sports, art, and entertainment to candidly share experiences and advice.


These are the people who have sat on the panel at past events of The Business of Fun. As we expand the event series and this site the family will grow.

Chris Davenport – World renowned professional skier
Jake Knigge – Coach at High Cascade Snowboard Camps
Shay Williams – Photo Editor at Freeskier Magazine
Mike Basher – Photo Editor at Snowboard Magazine
Trent Bush – Founder Brand Base
Deric Gunshor – Senior Manager, Event Marketing – Aspen Skiing Co
Steve Nilsen – Lifestyle Marketing Manager at Pabst
Ian Fohrman – Writer/Photographer, Principle at The Public Works
Mike Arzt – Founder The Public Works
Kristin Rust – PR Guru
Steve Fisher – X Games Gold Medalist and Founder Daily Mountain Deals
Adam Bebout – Athlete Manager Red Bull
Matt Harvey – Editor at Freeskier Magazine
Landon Basset – Account Manager TNF at Factory Design Labs
Dave O’Connell – Field Marketing Manager Red Bull
Tricia Byrnes – Founder We Media Project
Brady Collings – Brand Design Director Spyder
Laura Wisner – Director of Marketing Spyder
Ben Anderson – Founder Icelantic Skis
Rustin Coburn – Founder DVLP
Gordy Hirsch – Art Director at Amelie Agency
Phoebe Mills – Olympic Medalist and Program Director at Woodward
Josh Berman – Founder of Level 1 Productions
Gabe Anderson – Co-Owner at Jiberish Clothing
Marily MacDonald – Marketing Coordinator-outdoor DIVAS
Preston Strout – Co-Owner High Cascade Snowboard Camp
Steve Chambers – Manager of Operations Canadian Mountain Holidays
Chris Berry – Concrete Supervisor Team Pain Skateparks

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